Sure, Morocco is definitely about ancient kasbahs, exotic markets, charming riads… But the real Morocco surrounds these experiences. Morocco is also rugged landscapes, long distance road travel, bustling (and run-down!) city life, adobe villages, and of course, friendly people. Authentic Morocco travel is about many things; sometimes it’s best if images speak for themselves….

Ep 1 of authentic Morocco travel through our eyes

This is the first in a short series of quick videos, giving you a few glimpses of the real Morocco… remember, authentic is all about what’s real for you. Enjoy!

And we can’t forget, Morocco is also about desert grandeur, and camels…

Make sure to enable sound for this one! & best viewed at 720p quality:

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If you just like authentic videos for authentic travellers (in an inspo-fake world!) feel free to share some love in the comments below. Happy travels!


Paper Planes – Durden ft. Airtone by DURDEN (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license. Ft: Airtone. (Todayfarer edit, just for this video)