The Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba is something to behold. Visually, it is quite simply one of the most confused, mish-mashed, genre-defying, straight up insane churches we have ever seen. It is an irreverent patchwork of history inside a place of reverence. It’s too much to look at, too close together.

And it is quite beautiful, everywhere you look.

From huge halls to detailed sculpture and artwork, and from themed chapels to ornate doors, the artistry of this entire location is a testament to deep convictions of the faithful. This truly special site has seen the rise of Roman, Islamic and Catholic occupants. Each installed and celebrated their own version of what a house of worship should be.

Of course, this is a major tourist attraction and draws visitors in large numbers, so it’s not easy to find your own quiet time in this church.

Many of the photos you take could have a gawking visitor – just like us! – in the frame. So to capture images that celebrate the architecture and scale of a place (and not just the visitor numbers) you might choose to point your camera upwards to exclude them.

These photos show how we remember the Mosque Cathedral of Cordoba.

We were taken by what was above us; it is enthralling that this structure can contain so many different styles of design.

It’s not hard to imagine a worshipper raising their eyes towards the heavens, and seeing a vastly different vision, depending on where they stood in the Mosque Cathedral.

Here are some photographs of what you can expect to experience if you look upwards:

Moorish earthiness in arches and stone



Candy-cane brightness



Gothic and baroque sensibilities combined

Cordoba-Spain-Mosque-Cathedral-ornate-ceiling-gold Cordoba-Spain-Mosque-Cathedral-light-and-darkCordoba-Spain-Mosque-Cathedral--light-and-dark


Angelic enlightenment soaring above



A juxtaposition of Islam and Christianity



We wish we had more time in Cordoba,. But even in a day trip from Seville (only 45 minutes one-way on the fast train) the Mosque Cathedral delivers on its promise to fascinate. It has earned its place as a world-renowned site worth visiting.

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Want more photography that takes you places? Inspired to visit Cordoba, or know any other special Spanish places worth seeing? Go ahead and comment below. Happy travels!